Mandatory equipment – it will be checked during the race and after the race.

The competitor must have mandatory equipment during the entire race (with additional batteries to the point in Zalesie for the 100 miles route)
Lack of mandatory equipment may result in disqualification

Equipment 10 miles 40 miles 60 miles 100 miles
Start number visible at the front or attached to the rucksack m m m m
Enabled and charged phone (with an active number provided to the organizer) m m m m
Uploaded gps route (on the phone or watch) r r m m
Power bank X X m m
Headtorch + additional set of batteries (additional batteries may only be from the control point in Zalesie) X m m m
Number to the organizer m m m m
Race map (provided by the organization) X m m m
Windproof jacket r m m m
Bandana r m m m
Whistle r m m m
Foil blanket m m m m

Elastic bandage + gauze + plasters

r m m m
Hydration pack or water which at least has to be1,5 Litres r m m m
Running vest or belt r m m m
Own reusable cup (there will be no disposable plastic cups on the routes) m m m m
Your own food supply after leaving each checkpoints (gels or bars) r r m m
Cash in the amount of at least 50 zł r r r r

m – mandatory

r – recommended

X – not needed

The beginning of May in the Beskid Wyspowy can be beautiful and warm, but it can also be rainy and cold.

For ultra routes, we recommend wind proof jackets with a hood.